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My Exact Strategy for Creating Content that Drives Sales


Sasha Lewis

February 1, 2024

Content just falling flat? Creating content that just doesn’t hit doesn’t have to be your reality, just like it’s not the reality of your top competitor who keeps snatching up your leads. [ I know you know who they are too! ]

So – let’s change it right here, right now.

This is my step-by-step process for creating content that generates leads, gains their trust immediately, and gets them into the DMs ready to sign.

Ready? Grab a notebook and pen and take some notes!

01 – Micro, Micro, Micro Problems

When it comes to content – you have to realize the pain points you’re trying to leverage are so broad that any industry could use them to market their services.

With that, your audience can’t discern what they actually need so they invest broad.

For instance: “Are you struggling to stand out online” could be a marketing problem, a sales problem, a branding problem, a platform problem, etc. We need to get SPECIFIC.

“Do you feel like your brand looks like everyone else’s and then you realize you’re using the exact same imagery and templates as your competitor?

02 – Creating Content That Will Generate Movement?

Once we have our micro pain point and the root cause of it, we need to decide what format is the best for generating movement.

With the problem-

  • Do you want to solve it right then and there?
  • Educate on it?
  • Bring awareness to it?
  • Showcase the solution?
  • Or outline a case study?

This is where most entrepreneurs then start tipping the scales negatively.

The format of your content is your make-or-break moment, and you have to know how that information will be consumed the best.

03 – Watch Your Language

As we start to develop the meat of this post, we have to focus not only on how your offer directly resolves this problem but also on the specific buzzwords and phrases consistently used by your dream clients.

This part is crucial for immediate attraction marketing. It’s the mirror effect.

Mirror their language and you get them to picture your solution. Go through your ideal clients’ stories and pay attention to their language and use of words.

04 – Creating Content With a Powerful Hook

Your hook or “headline” is more than a marketing ploy. It’s the first touchpoint that generates interest when done correctly.

It’s not about clickbait or baiting of any kind; it’s a short and powerful statement that specifies the topic and why they should care. While psychology can be brought into it, the primary goal is to generate interest.

The hook needs to be carefully considered. If it feels redundant, trendy, or overly used, you’ll be passed by.

05 – The Caption + CTA

The DM “phrase” CTA isn’t always the best CTA, i hate to break it to you.

Your entire caption is technically your call to action and is how you further drive your point home towards making change happen.

It’s not a place for reiterating your entire post.

It’s not a place for putting in a few sentences and a CTA.

Use it as your sequel teaser to a novel (your post). You have to tease the next step.

You have to make it enticing so the CTA actually gets them moving.

Or if this feels like too much you say f*ck it and let us do it for you.

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