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If You Want Consistent Income Months – Do this for Your Brand

Brand Strategy

Sasha Lewis

February 1, 2024

The real consistent income in any business or brand is the personality and consistency a brand can keep and maintain over multiple platforms at a time.

A consistently engaging brand presence does so much more for your business than just ignite a community. That community you build generates sales.

But if you keep finding yourself shifting your content, messaging, identity, and visuals every time you hit a roadblock you’ll continue to see stagnancy.

So, let’s end that here and help you work through this…

Define Your Brand Identity

Even if your brand is evolving, you should make sure that there is a clear and consistent identity at its core. You can do this by breaking down your values, mission, and services/offers that remain constant throughout the changes.

Now, keep in mind – your brand identity is NOT just your visual identity. When you define your brand as a whole you get to start clarifying all that makes up who your brand is, why it exists, and how it looks.

Communicate Your Changes

Be transparent! Keep your audience informed about the changes in your brand and explain your reasoning behind them. This helps build trust and loyalty among your audience. We live in a time where audiences what the brands they follow to feel like reality TV shows in their own way. Keep your audience in the loop, pull back the curtain and own your shifts.

Involve Your Audience to Create Consistent Income

Involving your audience during the rebrand process can enhance customer loyalty and build a community. You can ask for their feedback, use engagement stickers on your stories, but make them feel a part of the journey. This way you can slowly ease them into your new potential branding. Keep your audience engaged in your moves and see how much quicker they turn into loyal fans and consistent buyers creating that consistent income.

If this resonates, drop a comment and I’ll send you my freebie for generating content that converts!

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