Pinterest called.
It wants its
“luxury branding”
board-inspired aesthetic back.

(we can all tell)

You’re not JUST another online service provider—so why is your branding screaming otherwise?

You’re one in a million, babe. And if you want your legacy to last, your brand needs to be built to match.

Instead of adding fuel to the fire of regurgitated aesthetics across your industry, let’s get you the attention you deserve by defining your brand and the legacy you want to leave in its truest form and THEN designing accordingly.

Pinterest called. It wants its “luxury branding”
board-inspired aesthetic back.



Where brands go to evolve into legacies that stand-out, scale & serve with intention

[meet] sasha monique

the face behind the brand

INICIO Founder, Website Designer & Brand Strategist for Creatives

As a website designer and brand strategist for creatives with 12+ years of experience, I help entrepreneurs develop recognizable as f*ck brands so they can attract dream clients, maximize their impact and take their brand to legacy status.

Sasha has been working in the field for over 12 years. Her career started in retail development and merchandising after obtaining her degree from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles.

Her career started in visual merchandising and quickly took her to designing retail spaces all across the country. 

She was helping companies land HUGE sales partnerships with big name companies and also teaching 250+ retailers how to utilize the power of merchandising and visual storytelling. 

Since then, she's helped numerous businesses and companies fine tune their branding, get clear on their marketing strategies, improve their web traffic and more. Ultimately she's helped them grow and scale by finding their unique attributes and building upon that. It’s something she does best, find the uncommon denominator within their industry and turn it into their greatest strength.

In 2020, INICIO was founded with the goal of allowing entrepreneurs to find their voice and impact, while marrying their passions to create seriously successful brands.

Now, our team utilizes our signature framework of Clarity, Cohesion and Expasnion to accomplish results like successfully increasing rates by 700% and booking out each offer, in addition to scaling their business full-time allowing them to leave their corporate job. 

At INICIO, we operate a little differently. We are creatives dedicated to allowing the skills and talents that you have shine simplistically. So much so, that being a business actually is enjoyable + fulfilling. It's provoking + feels genuine.

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“Sasha will take your vision to the next creative level. She is truly a visionary at heart & will make your ideas come to life.”

brittany n. brooks

public figure + author

how it works

the inicio framework




You’re great at conveying the surface level of your brand but that is not the zone of activation.

 The deep roots are where we need to be operating from. This is where we clarify.

You know the roots of your brand and adjacently the roots of your ideal consumer. 

Now, we create cohesion with your messaging and value system to your visual representation and identity.

This is the time to take your brand and amplify it to its grandest being. 

Here, we grow, scale + reach those hefty brand goals through simplistic action steps.

While we specialize in working with creative entrepreneurs like copywriters, OBMs, VA's, photographers, and business coaches (just to name a few), our unique framework allows us to pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability at producing results for all niches.

Not a creative entrepreneur but interested in working together? Reach out—let’s see if it’s a vibe!

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