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This Is Why You Have So Many Link Clicks Yet Little to No Sales.


Sasha Lewis

February 1, 2024

Your problem with sales is not that you just have a bunch of lurkers… It’s that you just have a shit link. I know – another moment of tough love, but welcome to INICIO!

Now that we got that out of the way, let me explain.

Half of the time these links you keep putting in your bio and stories have the loading speed of a grandmother trying to figure out how to work IG.

Just the slowest loading speed of life. And your loading speed is probably 4 seconds instead of the necessary 2… Yes you read that correctly.

If Your Loading Speed is Longer Than 3 Seconds – It’s Dead and You’re Loosing Sales

You have three seconds to get your audience into the funnel and the loading speed is where the majority of your leads will fall off.

They won’t even wait to see the page load, they will see the loading bar and if it’s longer than three seconds they’re exiting and getting back to IG or TT.

So, if your loading speed is your roadblock, let’s fix it now with these steps:

01 | Compress Your Images + Videos

A huge culprit of slow loading times is your high-resolution imagery and videos not being compressed.

Compressing does not reduce resolution when done correctly, but it does decrease the size so the media is taking up less loading power.

This is always a good place to start when needing to ramp up your loading speed.

02 | Site Health = Sales

Testing your site health will help you identify what the actual issue is.

Sometimes its bad code, and sometimes its a wonky plug-in or third-party app, so we need to test to find out.

You can utilize a site like Semrush.

03 | Thin It Out

Does your site need to be extremely long-winded? or can you simplify and reduce the size?

When it comes to loading speeds, getting them to the site is far greater than the site itself… I can’t believe I said that either…

Overall, having a site loading speed is the most important part of making sure your sales funnel works for you. Got questions? Drop them in the comments!

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