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Sasha Lewis

June 27, 2024

It has been a minute since I last connected with you! We have been so busy on this end, just cleaning up shop and focusing on the work we do for our clients. 

So, what’s all changed? WELL! 

We are now publicly offering digital marketing management. Think of us as your fraction Chief Marketing Officer! We’ve been offering this on the down low for quite some time, but as of this year, we brought it forward publicly!

We have been seeing so much success with our clients, who love every minute of it. 

This has become our most sought-after service this year, and it has been incredible to incorporate brand strategy into the mix to really elevate brands in ALL areas.

But enough about us – it’s time to get into what this newsletter is truly about… Allowing your brand to finally hit those money goals so let’s just get into it, ya?


I don’t know about you, but the ADHD stays poppin’ over here, and this week’s hyper-fixation was swimming… I’ve decided to become a swimmer, which is the funniest thing ever because I give more sea otter than Michael Phelps, but here we are. 

🩱 I went an bought a one-piece for better aerodynamics

🤿 and I got goggles so I can make sure no sharks appear in my pool (did anyone else have that weird fear as a kid?)

I’ll keep you updated, but my swimming career will probably be over by this time next week, and it’ll be on to the next.


Content creation advice of the week: Loosen the reins. 

This is something I’m actively working on currently as well. 

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found myself boxing myself in. Between making sure my content is super recognizable and wanting each post to pop off like fireworks, it’s been stifling. 

So, something I want to task you with this week (and for myself as well): Stop trying to be so perfect. 

Let your hair down and make content fun again. 

That energy is contagious and leads to MONEY. I promise you.


Brand Strategy Tip: Get more specific with who you’re talking to.

Each client I’ve worked with so far this year has had a MAJOR weakness when it comes to their target audience. 

Why is that? Everyone is clinging to sales right now. 

The economy has been difficult for many, buying behaviors have shifted, and ultimately it’s a common reflex to cast your net wider instead of deeper when sales are slow. 

But this fucks you over in the long run.

In order to get your audience more interested in buying I want you to talk to ONE singular person. 

In order to do this, answer these questions in regards to one ideal dream client: 

→ What is their MAIN detailed problem right now?
→ How are they currently trying to solve that problem?
→ What are they ultimately wanting to feel if that problem didn’t exist?
→ What do they need to hear in order to become more intrigued?

Ta-da. That’s it. Start there and see what happens.


Ready for your content to actually make a difference?

This is for you if you’re currently banging your head against a wall, not knowing what to post to make money, build visibility, and get your brand known. 

You know you’re just posting to post and look “active,” but at this point, you want to throw Canva in the trash 😂

What you’re getting:

→ Content Strategy + Calendar (up to 3 platforms)

→Full Content Creation:
– Topic + Intention
– Hooks
– Content design
– Caption writing
– Hashtag strategy
– Story selling strategy each day

→Analytics + Data tracking

→ Monthly strategy calls

→ Content filming days (for SoCal businesses only currently)

→ Video editing

→ Platforms we work on:
– Instagram
– TikTok
– Pinterest
– LinkedIn
– Youtube
– Facebook

This is for the business that is ready to take clarified action and see actual results!


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