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Your Business Isn’t Doomed – You’re Just Lacking actual Branding

Brand Strategy

Sasha Lewis

January 31, 2024

Truth is – any problem you have will always lead back to branding…

Clients come to me with one of these three problems:

  • They’re not scaling their businesses to their desired monetary goals
  • They’re not growing online in reach + visibility to get new leads
  • They’re confused about creating something unique so they stand out

And the first thing they all admit to doing to problem solve is to change their content marketing whilst investing in a business coach.

And every time they come to me they’re:

  • Ready to burn their business to the ground
  • They’re exhausted and burnt out
  • They’ve tried all the advice given elsewhere.

But none of the advice they’ve received has anything to do with building their brand. It always falls on to “content”.

What so many entrepreneurs miss is that your content is your brand.

And that’s where business becomes a headache of information overload, wasted time, and “nothing working”.

Let me show you how this is true…

This is how to know your problem is a lack of brand:

Content not performing? … Branding

  • brand identity isn’t showcasing your uniqueness
  • brand messaging isn’t getting your audience engaged
  • brand clarity is missing on who you’re even speaking to

Price objections? … Branding

  • brand identity isn’t conveying value
  • brand messaging is undermining your credibility
  • brand clarity is lacking on how you outperform competitors

Business not growing? … Branding!

  • brand identity isn’t reflecting your target audience
  • brand messaging is not showcasing your ability to transform lives
  • brand clarity is overshadowed by confusion for all

Proper branding makes life easier… Trust me.

You develop and strategize your brand os that selling, communicating, and showcasing all that you are and all that you do become a walk in the park. No more courses in how to sell, no more masterminds and how to show up like a CEO, and no more doom scrolling for injections of inspiration. Your brand’s existence is the sales rep, so why haven’t you filled that position yet?

So, if there is anything to take away from this, you need to change your mindset because your biz is far from doomed…

You just haven’t given it its lungs yet.

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